Services offered by Environmental Habitat include the following

Preparation of environmental impact assessment and the development of environmental management plans and studies.

Preparation of risk assessment and the development of the initial response plans and emergency plans Studies.

Preparation and implementation of various environmental surveillance and monitoring programs.

Preparation and implementation of environmental audit and Environmental Management systems programs.

Rehabilitation of various development sectors locally, regionally and internationally.

The importance of environmental studies:

Highlights from our four decades of results
img In this industrialized era that we live today, every component that we breathe, drink or eat is contaminated by industrial activities. There is no zero pollution. To minimize this problem, knowledge of environmental studies is essential. An in-depth study of environmental studies will help us in the following ways:

We will begin to appreciate and adopt the idea of development without destruction of the environment.

Knowledge about various types of environment and different environment hazards.

Playing an effective role in protecting the environment by demanding changes in law and enforcement systems.

Having a positive impact on quality of life.

Creating a concern and respect for the environment.

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