Services offered by Environmental Habitat include the following

Measuring and monitoring the concentrations of greenhouse gases.

Acid gas analysis for Airborne Emissions.

Measuring ambient air quality.

Air quality measurement systems.

Measurement of particles and dust suspended in the air inhaled (Aerosol measurements).

Measurement and calibration instruments.

The importance of environmental measurements

img The procedures to monitor, measure and determine the level of emissions, and to collect documented information about production and emissions operations, and knowledge of the risks, is very important to the success of environmental management systems, and is designed to identify areas of development in the facility or enterprises to improve the controlling procedures of the production process, and implement regulations that will lead to the reduction of environmental impacts, which in turn confirms the adherence to the environmental standards and stipulations set forth in the general environmental law and it's executive regulations, and also to the terms of the license granted to the facilities or the industrial and development enterprises.
Taking into consideration that analysis of environmental measurements will contribute to the following:

Environmental performance evaluation and the extent of progress that took place.

The compliance of the state of environment the with official regulations and requirements.

Designate areas that require corrective action.

To develop performance and increase efficiency.

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