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Environmental Habitat aims to meet the growing demands of the various local and regional enterprises and facilities for specialized consultancy services in the field of environment. We are seeking to fill this gap by providing the necessary needed requirements for the implementation of studies, measurements, researches and advisory services and benefit from the expertise and technologies globally known In order to ensure the commitment and proper adherence by the industrial and development enterprises operating in the Kingdom, to the environmental standards and stipulations set forth in the general environmental law and it's executive regulations issued by the royal decree number M/34 on 28/07/1422 corresponding to 16/10/2001.

Environmental Habitat also aims to work on the transfer and localization of global expertise and access to the latest technologies and techniques developed globally to achieve the best capable scientific levels to provide practical and effective solutions for industrial development projects.

As the field of Environment is of specialized areas where there exist many cross-cutting aspects that are associated with this domain, our concept of environmental action stems from the principle of joint action. Consequently the team adopt and through cooperation with local, regional and international environmental institutions and research centers, a comprehensive and integrated environmental system of measurements, studies and researches, tailored for the client's facilities and enterprises within the framework of international standards as well as with accordance to the standards and stipulations of the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment, ensuring that these outcomes are consistent with the customers' needs and requirements in the next stage Where it can be utilized by them as constants that can be leaned on in the orientation of their businesses, and to promote and develop the competitiveness and investment capabilities for the future of their facilities.

Establishing mechanisms that take into account the inclusion of environmental planning as the basis of a method for all Industrial and civilian facilities, and to implement the use of environmental planning applications as a strategy of non-traditional work to optimize the concept of sustainable development of the environment.